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Let's make an authentic Thai dining experience be an actual cooking back home !!



Price: THB 1,800 per person

Time: at 11.00 A.M.
    : at 4.00 P.M.

Note: Kindly make reservation at least 1 day prior to the cooking class.
: There are 2 classes per day, please select your time preference.
: Enjoy your own delicious meal after the cooking class.

Set A

Chicken soup with coconut milk
Samui spicy salad with boil prawn & squid
Vegetable spring roll

Set B

Spicy prawn soup
Fried squid with yellow curry powder
Fresh spring roll

Set C

Chicken green curry
Deep fried prawn patties
Fried squid with sweet & sour sauce

Set D

Thai style fried noodle with prawn ( Pad- Thai )
Deep fried sweet corn patties
Spicy chicken soup

Set E

Spicy glass noodle salad with prawn
Deep fried squid with garlic & pepper
Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts & dried chili

Set F

Deep fried prawn with tamarind sauce
Stir fried chicken with fresh chili & sweet basil
Thai style fried egg with minced pork







Easy Thai Conversation for Tourists

Intensive 5 Hours Course for Daily Conversation

THB 1,500 per course per person

Note : Timetable & Length of Study Class per day can be chosen upon your preference.

: Both Adults & Children are warmly welcome to study
Thai Language in our friendly classroom atmosphere.

: The Lesson Book will be provided in the classroom.


Chapter 1

Garn – Nae – Num –Tua (Self – Introduction)

Chapter 2

Garn – Tak – Tai (Greetings)

Chapter 3

Garn – Glaow – Lar (Good Bye)

Chapter 4

Pai – Suer – Kong (Shopping)

Chapter 5

Tee – Ran – Ar – Harn (At Restaurant)




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